Our way

Our team of international chefs offer a particular selection of food, based on simple ingredients, traditions, creativity and will to create something always new and different.

Our menus can be personalized facing your alimentary needs (vegeterians and more) or simply your taste and special occasions:)

Set menus

We also offer you two special kind of menu based on our specialities.

Full menu = 35 euros
Partial menu (entre and main course) = 25 euros
Partilal menu (main course and second) = 30 euros

selection of ours starters

cured ham
grilled vegetables with malted cheese
squartone (sundray lake fish fillet)
fresh lake fish cooked, marinated with vinegar
cow buffalo mozzarella

pasta and rice

typical local dish; it’s a combination of plain
risotto topped with local fish fillets marinated (perch)
pasta with vegetables

meat and fish

lake fish fillet in almond crust
grilled beef steak

A la carte

Italian and como lake dishes, with only the best, and freshest ingredients.
The menus change seasonally to keep offering fresh and tasty ingredients.
Please be aware that some food items may not be available at all times.

sottovento-menu2 sottovento-vini